Acai berry Extract

Addition to the healthy berries list for your body, Acai berry is one of the amazing health products. Found commonly in the forests of Amazon, this is a fruit high in anti oxidant content that helps removing free radicals from body. This fruit is immune stimulating and an energy boosting fruit. The berries are very useful in fighting the various health benefits that are related to oxidative damages.

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The various health benefits of Acai berry product are listed here –

  • Resistant to harmful agents - By consuming Acai berries one can resist the entry of different harmful agents in body from environment. This is a nature’s potent defense mechanism against the harmful organisms. It helps in protecting body against the yeast infections, athlete’s problem, skin allergies, respiratory problems and fungal infections.
  • Improves heart health - The researches show that the Acai berries being rich in anti oxidants have abilities of lowering the higher cholesterol levels in blood stream of the body. Also the berries have a good amount of plant sterols that helps to provide cardio protective benefits to our bodily cells. By improving the flow of blood in body, the berries are useful in preventing blood clots and helps in relaxing blood vessels.
  • Helps in weight loss - The Acai berries have anti oxidants that help in detoxification of harmful toxins from the body. This also helps in faster fat loss without any kind of side effects on body. It helps to improve stamina and metabolism.
  • Promoting good skin health - The Acai berries are good for healing skin problems and preventing any further skin allergies. The berry oil is a natural treatment for skin related problems as contrasted to other chemical based medications.
  • Reduces intensity of respiratory problems - The anti oxidants help in eradicating the free radicals from body. These free radicals cause early ageing in body and lead to reduced metabolism and increased respiratory problems. The anti oxidants help in removing free radicals and boosting a better health.
  • Improves cellular health - The anthocyannins found in Acai berries help in preventing the invasion of free radicals in cells of the body thereby boosting cellular health.
  • Helps to Boost immunity - Since the Acai berries are high in vitamin C content, they help in boosting immunity in body. It helps to suppress the growth of cancer causing agents and kills tumorous cells before they multiply and grow in numbers.
  • Improves sexual health - The Acai berries are natural energy boosters and are used to increase in blood circulation in body. It helps in contributing sexual drive. These are important ingredients in various aphrodisiac supplements.

Acai berry has reached unprecedented levels of popular in past few years owing to its versatile health benefits.