Dandelion Roots Extract

Dandelion plant is used immensely for a number of benefits in herbal medicines and food products. The plant taps many nutrients and is a rich source of fiber, vitamin C, iron, calcium, B Complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium and also vitamin D.

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The various Dandelion health benefits are as follows-

  • Promotes digestion - The dandelion leaves and roots aids in promoting digestion by stimulating appetite and balancing the natural as well as beneficial bacteria in intestines. It helps to release the stomach acid and releases bile juice to help digest complex foods and fats.
  • Helps in improving the liver functions - Dandelion is known to enhance the liver functions by aiding in detoxification of body and hydrating it for a better performance. By increasing the releasing of bile it aids digestion and prevents blockage of fats in the body.
  • Helps to improve kidney functions - The dandelion leaves are diuretic in nature that helps in clearing out the wastes from body along with extra salts and excess water. It increases urine production to detoxify body and inhibit growth of microbes in urinary tracts. It also assists in replacing some potassium loss during the process.
  • Cancer treatment with dandelion leaves - The dandelion leaves help in treating cancer by eliminating the cancerous tumors from the body. It helps in stopping the cancerous tissues from growing in body and spreading any further.
  • Consists of antioxidants - The dandelion has antioxidants that help in protecting the DNA and body cells from damage by free radicals. Being a rich source of vitamin A and C, the dandelion helps in enhancing liver’s functions as well.
  • Helps in curing diabetes - The studies show that dandelion roots and leaves have a positive impact on curing diabetes and regulate blood sugar levels along with the insulin levels. It helps in controlling the lipid levels as well.
  • Helps treat high blood pressure - The dandelion helps in increasing urination from body to treat and lower blood pressure. It is diuretic in nature.
  • Cholesterol - By raising HDL, the dandelion helps in lowering and controlling the cholesterol levels while improving the cholesterol ratios in body.
  • Helps in reducing inflammation - The dandelion helps in reducing inflammation, joint pains and swelling. The antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients help in maintaining an overall good health of the body.
  • Helps to boost immunity - The dandelion helps in fighting off with microbes and fungi to boost immune system.